Chronic Sinusitis Treatment

Chronic sinusitis treatment effectiveness varies person to person. Let’s start by discussing the 2 types to treat chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis treatment according to the shape can be surgical or conservative. Purulent and catarrhal forms of sinusitis are usually successfully treated with conservative method. In case of chronic sinusitis, physicians will prescribes the best treatment in either medication or surgery in extreme cases. However, if you are looking to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis quickly, steam inhalation may be used as the warm air helps to combat nasal congestion. Chronic sinusitis can also be treated with saline nasal drops, which are sold without a prescription. Additionally Pain in the sinuses and nose can be reduced by using warm compresses.

chronic sinusitis treatmentChronic Sinusitis Treatment – Medications

In chronic sinusitis treatment prescribed by the doctor, it maybe as simple as taking drops or decongestants drugs. Also frequently prescribed are nasal sprays that can reduce nasal congestion. In acute chronic sinusitis, doctor may prescribe steroids to reduce inflammation if other drugs were proven to be ineffective. How to cure chronic sinusitis in the case of bacterial infection in the sinuses? In such cases, antibiotics regiment would be recommended.

Of great importance in the chronic sinusitis treatment is surgery deviated septum, removal of teeth affected by dental caries, removal of polyps. If conservative therapy was ineffective in chronic sinusitis surgical treatment is used.

Chronic Sinusitis Treatment – Traditional Therapies

Many people ask: “How to cure chronic sinusitis by yourself?” Traditional medicine has a lot of recipes that can help with chronic sinusitis. Please note that it might impractical to consul a doctor regarding the use of folk remedies as chronic sinusitis treatment. Medical doctor specializes in modern medicine and might not fully support hear-say findings when it comes to effective treatments. Additionally, you should be aware if you have allergy to the herbs used in traditional therapies of chronic sinusitis and stop immediately if you are having a reaction.

Chronic sinusitis traditional therapies can be conducted with instillation of herbal tinctures, oils and decoctions in the nose, nasal lubrication, honey, herbal extracts used for washing the nasal cavity, smoke inhalation propolis, essential oils, intake of decoctions, and infusions of various herbs. Chronic sinusitis treatment with natural remedies by inhalation is one of the safest options.

So in answering what is the best chronic sinusitis treatment, it is worth remembering that in order to avoid various complications, treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Here are some proven recipes for traditional medicine which can help with chronic sinusitis:

Natural chronic sinusitis treatment #1: Potatoes. Boil potatoes in their skins, drain, mash the potatoes can be. Pre-wrapped, to breathe over the steam coming from the potato.

Natural chronic sinusitis treatment #2: Onions. Rub a little onion and pour hot water with honey (0.5 teaspoons of honey mixed with 0.5 cups of water). Wrap up and insist 4-6 hours, drain. For chronic sinusitis sufferer might be beneficial to wash his nose several times a day.

Natural chronic sinusitis treatment #3: Thistle juice. Instilled in the morning and evening for 7-10 days in each nostril 5 drops of juice thistle, which contains inulin, which helps in the treatment of sinusitis.

Natural chronic sinusitis treatment #4: Collection of sage, calendula and chamomile. Stir in 1 tbsp. spoon of the above herbs, cover with boiling water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and use for inhalation.

Natural chronic sinusitis treatment #5: juice daisy and celandine. This treatment is recommended for polyps. Take the juice in equal parts chamomile and celandine (required fresh), or enter on tournedos instilled into the nasal cavity in any form of sinusitis.

Natural chronic sinusitis treatment #6: Collection of plantain, yarrow, and immortelle. Pour 1 tbsp. 10 g of boiling water. plantain leaves, 5 g. immortelle flowers and herbs yarrow. Infuse an hour, drain. Use tincture for inhalation.

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Regardless of which chronic sinusitis treatment method you choose, please consult your physician immediately if your conditions do not improve as it might be a symptom of larger problem.

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